ABOUT Springdale

Our Purpose

The vision of Springdale is to operate an active, nonsectarian cemetery that celebrates the lives that have shaped our community and nation. We welcome the public to enjoy our landscape, art and architecture as we seek to honor the past and look toward the future.

Our mission is to engage in activities that provide dignity, honor and respect for the deceased; to serve the burial needs of the living; to preserve and protect the cemetery’s real and financial assets; to heighten an awareness of and appreciation for the cemetery; to educate the public regarding options for a deceased loved one; and to provide a legacy for future generations.

How Can We Help?

For information or questions regarding the scheduling of funeral arrangements or the sale of cemetery products and services, call Springdale staff at (309) 681-1400, fax us at (309) 681-1423 or email us at:

Marilyn Cundiff
Family Services Rep & Genealogy Consultant

Monica Jones
Family Services Rep & Corporate Records

Eric Garber
Maintenance & Grounds Supervisor

Mark Matuszak
General Manager

Springdale Cemetery Ground Rules

Springdale is a place of great beauty that draws many visitors. It is also a place of great reverence for the families with loved ones interred here. To that end, we have established a list of rules to create a culture of respect, protect the cemetery’s appearance and enable our volunteers and staff to do their work safely.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these ground rules. Please report any vandalism or inappropriate conduct by calling us at (309) 681-1400 or the Peoria Police Department at (309) 673-4521. Should an emergency arise, please dial 9-1-1.

Bi-Annual Cemetery Clean-up

What does this mean to you? It means all grave decorations will be taken off all graves and discarded so please, if you have decorations on your loved one’s grave or marker, please remove them before these dates. If you have questions about the grave clean-up week, please give us a call at 309/681-1400. Thank you.

*Please DO NOT place anything of value on a grave. Not responsible for discarding valuables.

SPRING Clean-Up : First week of March.

FALL Clean-Up : First week of October.


Fourteen acres of tall grass oak savanna once dominant along the Illinois River Bluffs has been re-established inside Springdale Cemetery. Three-hundred-year-old trees provide a shady habitat in between large open areas of tall grasses, broad-leaved plants and shrubs. It is a natural community that developed with the recession of glaciers following the Pleistocene epoch 10,000 years ago. Similar conditions later greeted early French traders and explorers who came to Peoria in the 18th century.

The earliest reference to what may have been found in the savanna appears in Charles Ballance’s “1870: The History of Peoria, Illinois,” where he writes that “the march of improvement” has destroyed the natural landscape. Ballance commends the then-superintendent of Springdale Cemetery, Captain John H. Hall, and says he “has set apart a portion of that lovely place, which associates so much sadness and beauty, for the preservation of nature’s own flora.”

The Springdale savanna shelters many diverse and uncommon species. Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours, the savanna has recovered some of its former glory. Further restoration of the native biological diversity continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that Springdale is over 150 years old. Is burial space still available? Yes, abundant space is available. Springdale is a large, 254 acre cemetery with almost 80,000 graves and room for many more interments. For a personal tour of available space at Springdale, please call our office at (309) 681-1400.

What should I do if a member of my family is terminally ill or has died? If a family member is elderly or terminally ill, we encourage you to contact us to make pre-arrangements for the pending funeral and burial. This protects your family from making difficult decisions at the time when you are grieving. If a family member has just died, and you have not made pre-arrangements, the first thing for you to do is to call a licensed funeral director. He or she will handle the funeral arrangements and can then make arrangements to have the burial or cremation process performed at Springdale.

What does it cost to be buried in Springdale? Is it expensive? The cost depends on your desires; and no, Springdale is not expensive. We work to meet the needs and budgets of all people with a wide range of burial and cremation options. Please call or email us to schedule a personal consultation during which you can ask your questions and discuss the many choices available at Springdale.

What are the benefits of pre-arranging my funeral or burial?

  • Prearranging your funeral relieves your family from having to make complex funeral and burial decisions at an emotionally stressful time.
  • Your loved ones will know your wishes and be able to focus on their memories of your life.
  • You are able to make financially sound decisions for the future while you are alert and well.
  • You give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that “all has been taken care of” so your loved ones will not be burdened.
  • You can choose exactly what you want, pay in today’s prices and get significant discounts, or you can finance your purchase over multiple years at zero interest.

Contact one of our non-commissioned family service representatives to discuss pre-arrangement options and benefits.

Does Springdale have options for those who wish to be cremated or buried above ground? Yes. We have a magnificent mausoleum building with space for above-ground burial and marble niches for cremated remains. We also have two scattering gardens and niche benches in the Prairie Gardens scattering area.

How do I begin to buy cemetery property? Make an appointment with one of our non-commissioned family service representatives by calling our office at (309) 681-1400. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

If I purchase a lot, who can be buried there? That is your decision. The original lot owner may give permission to anyone to be buried in his or her lot. The lot owner, spouse and direct descendants have a “natural right” of burial, as long as there is space available. Direct descendants include children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Spouses of direct descendants may be buried in the lot if there is room and appropriate authorization. Other family members may have right of burial if no direct descendants are surviving. If you have questions, contact us at the Springdale office.

If I were to move out of the area or change my mind, can I sell my Springdale Cemetery space? Yes. If no burials have occurred there, you may sell your cemetery space to another family member or to another buyer. If you sell to immediate family, there is no transfer fee. If, however, the sale is made to a non-family member, there is a $50 transfer fee involved. Our staff is happy to assist you with this process.

What is the difference between in-ground (traditional) and above-ground (mausoleum) burial? When you purchase in-ground (traditional) space, the cemetery requires an outer burial container (known as a vault), which must be purchased from a funeral director. For safety reasons, vaults are required for all in-ground, full-body burials. Whether you prefer in-ground or above-ground burial, purchasing the space ahead of time (pre-arrangement) allows you to “lock in” the price for three of your most significant cemetery decisions: space, outer container and memorial grave marker.

If I am being cremated, why do I need cemetery property? By purchasing cemetery property, you ensure that you have a permanent resting place where cremated remains will always be treated with dignity and respect. Springdale offers you many choices — traditional in-ground burial, placement in our mausoleum or a private mausoleum, or scattering in one of our scattering gardens.

Where is Springdale Cemetery? How do I get there from out of town? The main entrance to Springdale Cemetery is at 3014 N. Prospect Road in Peoria, Illinois. The easiest approach from out of town is to take U.S. 150 (War Memorial Drive) into Peoria and turn south on Prospect Road. The cemetery’s main entrance is just past Forrest Hill Avenue on your left (the east side of the Prospect Road).

If you are coming to Springdale from downtown Peoria, drive north on Knoxville Avenue or Sheridan Road to McClure Avenue. Go right on McClure to Prospect Road. Go north on Prospect Road four blocks to the Springdale Cemetery entrance on your right.

Does Springdale have rules or restrictions about taking photographs? No. However, we do ask you to be respectful of the property and visiting families visiting while you are taking photographs.


We have a dedicated core group of volunteers who donate their time and talents to Springdale. Many have been with us since our conversion from a private to a public cemetery in 2002. We welcome them and value their services and contributions to our operations. They perform essential grounds maintenance tasks such as mowing grass, brush removal, trimming weeds and planting flowers. Please call the cemetery office at (309) 681-1400 if you wish to volunteer. We are always looking for good people!


Springdale Cemetery seeks to build a strong team of employees, who work both full- and part-time, under the direction of the General Manager and the department supervisors. Positions include work in the office and on the grounds. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for any open position. A general description and contact information are listed with each posting. Springdale Cemetery is an equal opportunity employer. Women, veterans and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Please check this space for vacancy announcements, which will be posted as they become available.

Currently, there are no positions available at Springdale Cemetery. But if you would like to download, complete and mail us your application, please feel free to do so. We will hold your application for six months.