Beautifying Springdale One Door & Donation at a Time

During the 1980s and 1990s, artist Don Kettleborough made his living painting murals in Florida. Today, with support from the Foundation, the Central Illinois native is applying
his talents in a much different location—Springdale Cemetery.

Last summer, Kettleborough volunteered his time to paint trompe l’oeil doors on Springdale’s oldest private mausoleum, that of the Zotz family. His design featured a cherub, intricate grillwork and colors matching the structure’s red granite pillars. (You can view the finished project in the cemetery’s Middle Valley section.)

The end result proved quite popular, with Springdale general manager Mark Matuszak reporting a number of people touring the cemetery just to see the newly painted doors.

Impressed with Kettleborough’s talents and with the public’s response to his work, the Foundation hired him to complete two additional trompe l’oeil projects. Over the course of the past few months, Kettleborough has painted elaborate designs on the doors of the Hall and Winkelmeyer mausoleums—with funds donated by Foundation members paying for his time
and materials.

With a dozen other private mausoleums at Springdale, many in need of repair or restoration, chances are good we’ll see more of Kettleborough’s creativity in the future. You can help. Make a financial contribution to support the Foundation’s efforts to beautify Springdale.

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