Our Governing Bodies

Springdale Cemetery is operated under an intergovernmental agreement between three entities: the City of Peoria, the County of Peoria and the Peoria Park District. Each organization appoints representatives to serve on the Springdale Cemetery Management Authority board, which oversees the operation and maintenance of the cemetery.

CITY of Peoria
COUNTY of Peoria

Springdale Cemetery Management Authority

The purpose of the Springdale Cemetery Management Authority is to operate and maintain an active cemetery and protect its historic value in a financially responsible manner. The Authority consists of nine members appointed from our governing bodies.

City of Peoria appointees (5)

Peoria County appointees (2)

Peoria Park District appointee (1)

Springdale Historic Preservation Foundation appointee (1)

For information about our current Board of Directors, please email

Meeting Schedule

The Springdale Cemetery Management Authority meets in regular session on the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Volunteer & Maintenance Building at the Cemetery, 3014 N. Prospect Rd., Peoria, IL. The public is welcome to these open meetings.

FOIA Requests

Requests for public information may be submitted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. In accordance with the statute, your request for public information must be made in writing, but it may be submitted via mail or email. Please send any requests to the attention of Monica Jones, the cemetery’s designated FOIA officer, who can also be reached at To ensure proper handling, please include “Freedom of Information Act Request” in the subject line.

Authority Meeting Minutes

If you have inquiries about Authority Meetings held in years prior to those listed below, please contact our office. Only approved minutes are posted.

Annual Budgets & Audits

If you have inquiries about budgets and audit from prior years to those listed below, please contact us.