Restoration of a Springdale Cornerstone Gets Underway

In June of 2017, Peoria’s Historic Preservation Commission approved the Springdale Historic Preservation Foundation’s proposal to restore one of the cemetery’s cornerstone structures.Surprisingly, it’s not an ornate monument or intricate grave marker. Instead, it’s a dramatic stone staircase leading to one of the cemetery’s older family plots. Here’s the description of the area from Springdale’s registration with the National Register of Historic Places:

The Bastow-Petherbridge family plots, located on South Hill, can be reached by use of a very elaborate stone staircase, consisting of two 30-inch-high corner posts at the bottom and similar posts at the top. The steps flare out to the right and left at the bottom.

Carved side rails, approximately 12 inches high, run along the entire length of the stairs, which are six feet wide and 40 feet in length. Four steps lead up to four sections of eight-foot level areas separated by four steps up to each level.

These areas are inlaid with black six-inch marble squares and six-inch-by-twelve-inch parallelograms with 45-degree and 135-degree angles of black and white marble. The steps, side rails and corner posts are of limestone.

The stair adjoins a six-foot-by-forty-foot walkway that goes across the entire front of the family plots.
The inlaid walkway matches the staircase. Carved corner posts mark the lot lines with each post joined with a low stone railing.

The William Bastow monument (left side) has a large four-sectioned base of limestone and white marble. A white, carved, draped female figure is on top of the elaborate base. The James Bastow monument (right side) also is topped with a carved female figure enveloping a large cross. The figure stands on a four-sectioned base, all with traditional moldings and chamfered corners popular in the late 19th century.


The steps before restoration.
The same steps beautifully restored.

Now, in June of 2018, we’re thrilled to report that work is complete!

Take a look at the before-and-after photos to see the restoration your contributions helped make possible — or better yet, stop by the steps in the South Hill area of the cemetery. The best way to appreciate this dramatic transformation is to see the end result in person. Your contributions help make restoration projects like this one a reality.

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