CHOOSE a Memorial

Honor Your Loved Ones

Springdale is home to thousands of beautiful, historic monuments and markers, many dating back to the earliest days of the cemetery. As you plan for your or your loved one’s final resting place, what will you select to mark the location — an elaborate monument, a simple marker or something in between? Your options are limited only by your creativity. You can choose from standard designs or create your own.

You may select memorials and tributes from any vendor, but we hope you’ll allow us to show you what’s available from Springdale. We’re happy to provide options and prices at no obligation to you. We also have a display of cemetery merchandise in the showroom adjoining our offices on Prospect Road. Please schedule a visit to learn more.

Memorial Options


Headstones typically are crafted of granite. Designs may be simple or elaborate, standard or avant garde, decorative or functional.

Grave Markers

While headstones rise above the grave in a variety of shapes and sizes, markers lie flat on the ground. They’re also typically made of granite or bronze and include space for artwork and engraving.

Veterans Markers

Families of deceased members of the U.S. armed forces may request a marker for placement at their loved one’s grave. Our staff can help guide you through the process with the Veteran’s Administration.

Family Monuments

Family Monuments are only limited by the imagination. They cane be any size or style and most often are used to mark large family burial plots.

Private Family Mausoleums

These free-standing structures, designed and paid for by private individuals, house the remains of multiple generations of family members.

Family Burial Estates

Family burial sites or estates contain multiple burial plots. Usually, a large marker identifies the site and family name, with smaller headstones at each grave.


You can choose to scatter cremated remains in our natural scattering gardens or place them in a columbarium—a bench or structure with niches for urns and other containers.

Memorial Benches

Benches can be made simple in style or more ornate. They are a nice memorial option for families who like to visit and spend time with loved ones.

Tribute Options

In addition to headstones and markers, our showroom has a variety of tributes you can add to a memorial. Our staff welcomes your visits and can show you an array of options from which to choose including the following:

  • Vases
  • Wreaths
  • Name Plaques
  • Cameo Portraits
  • Bronze Emblems
  • Cremation Urns

We also accept these items from other vendors if you choose and can direct you to ones that we believe can provide you with the best quality and service.

Gravesite Maintenance

We offer family members and visitors the following services:

  • Installing headstones and markers
  • Restoring and resetting headstones and markers
  • Photographing graves and markers for family members
  • Providing and placing wreaths and flowers