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Springdale has carefully maintained all interment records from 1857 to the present, and those records are supplemented by maps, deeds and other documentation. Tens of thousands of Peorians have loved ones buried here, and we care deeply about preserving history and giving people access to information.

Below are helpful tools for finding burial locations and family history. If you need further assistance, please direct requests regarding interment or burial locations to marilyn@springdalecemetery.com. Requests are filled in the order they are received.

Location Tools

Grave Finder

Our free gravesite search and mapping tool makes it easy to locate anyone buried at Springdale. Click the link below to begin your search. Be sure to order your search by “Last Name, First Name.”

Find A Grave Website

The world’s largest gravesite collection contains more than 190 million memorials, including many of those buried at Springdale.

Genealogy Resources

Due to the fragile nature of our original records and confidentiality concerns regarding personal health information, we cannot allow individuals to consult records themselves. Our staff is happy to search them for you. To launch a search, your request must contain the deceased’s surname and an approximate year of death. Responses are completed on a first-come-first-served basis, and the time required varies based on the number and complexity of other requests we’re processing. We have no set charges for research services, but donations are appreciated to support preservation of documents. Because we’re unable to complete extensive genealogy research, we encourage you to consult these helpful resources:

USGenWeb Project

Visit this free genealogy website to assist with tracking your family tree.

Useful genealogical information may be found in our local collections. We suggest the following:

Both facilities offer research services and maintain regular public hours when you may conduct your own research. Please contact them directly to determine specific services, fees and policies or to locate qualified local genealogists for hire.

Other resources include:

Additionally, staff at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield may be able to help you locate obituaries printed in Illinois newspapers.

Links contained on this site are provided as a service to facilitate your research project. Inclusion here is not intended to imply endorsement.