Replacing Springdale’s Lost Trees

Ask someone what they love about Springdale, and a common answer is “the trees!” The cemetery is blessed with a wide variety of beautiful species, some of them hundreds of years old. But every year, we lose around 15 trees due to age—making it imperative that we begin replanting.

That effort got a boost recently, thanks to Springdale volunteer Mike Rucker. He learned that the City of Peoria didn’t use its full allocation of trees from Hoerr Nursery in 2021. Rucker was able to acquire the extras—more than 20—free of charge for the cemetery.

We identified seven different locations around Springdale for these hardy trees, and the Peoria Public Works Department supervised the plantings, which are guaranteed for a season. Rucker generously purchased water trays and protective fencing to help keep the deer at bay. Keep your eyes out for these new additions on your next visit
to the cemetery.

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